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What Designer Jewelry is as a Definition of a Fine Art Form What Custom, Designer and Fine Art Jewelry are as a Definition of. How to Define Fine Custom Jewelry as Art What the Definition of Fine Art Is as a Jewelry Fine Art Expression Definition of Fine Jewelry as a Fine Art Form How to Define Designer Jewelry, Custom Jewelry and Fine Jewelry.  Jewelry Art As Custom Jewelry Art , Fine Jewelry Art , Designer Jewelry Art
Meaning of Art Within the Framework of Fine Custom Jewelry Art
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Meaning of Custom Fine Jewelry Art

What Is?
Custom Jewelry • Designer Jewelry • Art Jewelry
Fine Jewelry Art vs. Fine Art Jewelry

Custom, designer and art are all terms that are used to define jewelry that is more exclusive, unique and original than jewelry that is mass manufactured and commonly available. Also, there is greater care and expertise taken in the technical execution of the jewelry creation process resulting in a higher quality piece of jewelry. Jewelers that utilize all or any of the terms such as custom, designer or art view their jewelry as more individualistic; as it is produced on a limited scale and sometimes as a one- of- a- kind piece of art jewelry; like an original photograph whose image is destroyed after printing or limited production prints of the original photograph.

For the purposes of EVB Design fine jewelry art; we define our custom jewelry as jewelry that is created individually as a piece of fine art jewelry. Each and every piece of our fine gold or platinum art jewelry is crafted by hand throughout the jewelry art creation process. Each jewelry art piece is a representation of a unique art design concept. The production of each fine jewelry art design is very limited, usually less than one hundred of each design is ever created making the piece of fine jewelry art very exclusive. So by its nature, custom art jewelry is also exclusive jewelry. An example of this custom jewelry definition would be a comparison to a custom made jacket. When a buyer buys a custom made jacket from perhaps an upscale clothing boutique the jacket wasn't made specifically for them but it was still lovingly created on an individual basis, based on a specific limited production pattern, and very few renditions of the jacket style exist at all.

Definition of: Custom Jewelry
When we use the term; custom jewelry order, the definition can often be used synonymously with a one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry art since we are referring to a jewelry art piece that is altered from one of our original jewelry art designs in some way either by changing the stone mounting style, gemstone type, gemstone size, or altering an aspect of the jewelry design itself. The alteration is based on the buyer's specific wishes. We also use the term, custom jewelry order, to define the creation of the jeweler buyer's unique art design concept. We consider an alteration of a ring size as a special order rather than a custom jewelry order due to the fact that nothing is being changed to the jewelry art design itself.

Definition of: Designer Jewelry
Designer jewelry represents a line, or a suite, of jewelry attributed to one particular person as the design creator. A designer jewelry suite is a term used for coordinated jewelry design pieces such as matching earrings, pendant and a ring. In the case of well known jewelry designer household names, they more often than not employ a design team. In all cases, the design lines or jewelry design suites are recognizable in some way; they embody a signature style. The designer jewelry may be recognizable by its method of creation or design theme or its unique execution of a universal design theme. Designer jewelry may be produced in a manufacturing plant.

Definition of: Art Jewelry
Art jewelry represents a broad spectrum of jewelry design. Art jewelry may be produced from cloth, paper, beads, clay, precious and non-precious metals, wire of varying types or any material that the artist conjures up that may be suitable for wearable bodily adornment. The jewelry artist utilizes the materials used to make the art jewelry in a unique manner. The jewelry artist also uses the jewelry art form to express a unique viewpoint. As in the examples of paintings of say a still life, the artists are all viewing the same still life, yet each painting is different due to the individual artist's unique interpretation of the still life and they way they utilize their paint and the method of application of the paint. Therefore; like any artist, a jewelry artist expresses their own unique interpretation of the subject matter. Art jewelry always has a subject matter verses pure design elements as in designer jewelry. Art jewelry is often signed by some method, whether it is initials, or a stamp. Jewelry artists often have a fine art background with broad knowledge of art movements, art theory and art masters.

Fine Jewelry Art vs. Fine Art Jewelry
Lastly, we would like to take the opportunity to explain why we call ourselves fine jewelry art instead of fine art jewelry. As we clarified under our, what is art jewelry? definition, fine art jewelry can be produced from a wide variety and array of materials. Fine art jewelry is the expression of the medium. Fine jewelry is jewelry created from precious metals only; defined as platinum, gold or silver. Our jewelry is created from either platinum or gold hence the jewelry we produce is defined as fine jewelry. Our jewelry art is a reflection of Elaine's fine art background and training compiled with her unique jewelry design vision. We combined the two terms to produce fine jewelry as art and Fine Jewelry Art was born. Fine Jewelry Art is a wearable fine art format of artistic self expression.

Fine Jeweley as Custom Fine Art in Gold and Platinum
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