Jewelry Artist Biography of Innovative Santa Cruz,California Gold & Platinum Fine Jewelry Art Designer, Elaine Means
Bio of Silicon Valley Area Custom Fine Jewelry Artist,Elaine Means Sleek, Simple,Elegant Signature Fine Jewelry Art Handmade in Santa Cruz County,California Signature Jewelry Artist featuring Unique Handmade Fine Jewelry Based in Nature
Nature Based Sleek, Simple, Elegant Gold and Platinum Unique Custom Handmade Signature Designer Jewelry Signature Fine Custom Jewelry Artist Designer Jewelry in Santa Cruz County California Hand Sculpted and Wax Carved Fine Jewelry Art Handmade in Santa Cruz, CA Custom and One-of-a-Kind Santa Cruz,California Custom Fine Jewelry Artist Signature Fine Jewelry Art Designer in Santa Cruz, California Signature Fine Designer Custom Gold & Platinum Jewelry in Santa Cruz County,California Unique Signature Fine Jewelry Artist in Santa Cruz County, CA
Signature Designer Handmade Jewelry in Santa Cruz, California with Diamond and Gemstone in Fine Gold or Platinum
Santa Cruz California Jewelry Designer  Sleek Simple Elegant Custom Handmade Gold And Platinum Santa Cruz CA Jewelry Designer  Sleek Simple Elegant Custom Handmade Gold And Platinum Santa Cruz CA Jewelry Designer  Sleek Simple Elegant Custom Handmade Gold And Platinum Santa Cruz, California Jewelry Designer  Sleek Simple Elegant Custom Handmade Gold And Platinum
Santa Cruz County, California Jewelry Designer  Sleek Simple Elegant Custom Handmade Gold And Platinum  

Jewelry at EVB Design studio
Elaine's jewelry design studio is nestled in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains along the Monterey Bay of California.

 As a fine jewelry designer artist, Elaine is the heart and soul of EVB Design signature fine jewelry art. She primarily draws inspiration for her work from nature. Nature continuosly renews her spirit as she feels the gentle breezes and listens to the soothing sounds of the Pacific Ocean waves in the Monterey Bay or as she strolls amongst the majestic Santa Cruz Mountain redwood forests. Many of Elaine's jewelry pieces reflect her appreciation and love of nature through her contemporary flowing designs which often capture the essence of flora and the sea as well as other forms of nature.

Elaine has a B.A. degree in Art from the State University of New York (1979). While she was attending SUNY as an art major, she took a jewelry class and fell in love with this particular three dimensional form of art and relished the fluid movement that she was able to create in a wax jewelry sculpture. She continued to focus her creative energies through the medium of fine jewelry creations by partaking additional jewelry art courses.

After she graduated college she moved to Santa Cruz County, CA in 1980 and worked as a manager in an established lost wax jewelry design shop. She continued to develop her own unique signature designer style of blending fine art and fine jewelry at the wholesale level during her eight years at the jewelry casting studio and was ready to go out and exhibit on her own.

EVB Design fine jewelry art was born at the retail level in 1989. In the meantime, Elaine continued her formal fine jewelry art education by participating in various workshops in San Francisco as well as attending classes at the Revere Academy of Jewelry Art in San Francisco. She also completed the diamond course work at the G.I.A. gemological institute in Santa Monica,CA. Elaine nutured her designs, allowing them to blossom. "Sleek, Simple, Elegant™" has become her signature style, as a professional custom fine jewelry artist designer for more than thirty years.

Among Elaine's other various positions in the fine art field, she has served as an art critic for a local newspaper as well as performed as an art gallery display curator while earning her B.A. degree. She has exhibited her custom fine jewelry art at select galleries in California and Arizona. She is currently showing at the Artisan's Gallery in Scotts Valley. Elaine prefers working directly with the fine jewelry art collector and currently exhibits her work at contemporary juried California art shows.

Elaine creating  a custom jewelry art piece in her studio"...
The focus of my work is to create asymmetrical harmony and balance. And to create motion through the use of light in concert with the movement of the wearer
..." -

Elaine V. Bailey - Means
Owner/Fine Jewelry Artist

Santa Cruz County, California

Follow EVBDesign on Twitter Contact Elaine by phoning her at (831) 336-8835 to have her explain the process and unique investment in a handmade piece of custom fine jewelry art or a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art created just for you.

If you will be in the Santa Cruz County California area schedule your own in person complimentary consultation at Elaine's serene Santa Cruz Mountian jewelry studio just a short distance from downtown Santa Cruz, CA. Once you do, you will understand why people who purchase
their first piece of Elaine's unique handmade signature designer artist jewelry, soon become collectors of EVB Design's custom fine jewelry art.


 Signature Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Custom Gold And Platinum
Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Silver
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Fine custom signature jewelry hand carved and hand cast in Santa Cruz County California  Artist created fine custom signature jewelry in Santa Cruz County California
Jewelry Design  Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Silver
Exclusive Custom Handmade Jewelry In Santa Cruz County, CA (USA)
fine custom signature jewelry in gold and platinum handmade in Santa Cruz, CA fine custom signature jewelry with diamond and gemstone custom made in Santa Cruz County CA