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Lost Wax Casting Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum

[About Our Gemstones and Diamonds]

ll of our colored gemstones and diamonds are natural in that they have been created from geologic processes within the earth. We feel that all things from the earth contain an essence not present in lab created gemstones and diamonds. Beautiful gemstones and diamonds are truly one of nature's treasures. The only enhancement that may have occurred with some of our gemstones is heat treatment. The gemstone crystal is heated up to a certain temperature so that the colorant naturally occurring within the gemstone is evenly dispersed as it has a lower melt point than the gemstone crystals itself. This is a permanent enhancement. Our white diamonds, champagne to chocolate diamonds and black diamonds aren't enhanced in any way. Our colored diamonds such as pink, yellow and blue are sometimes irradiated to bring out the color

The definition of a gemstone is that it is a naturally ocurring mineral that contains certain attributes. These attributes determine the gemstone's value. The attributes are: Hardness, Rarity, Color, Brilliance, Clarity and Beauty. Of these listed gemstone attrubutes the most important one of all is beauty. The gemstone scales that determine beauty are different for colored gemstones and diamond. The most important attribute determining a gemstone's beauty is color. The ideal color saturation is around 65%; not too light and not too dark. A diamond's beauty is determined by its brilliance. The diamond factors that establish its brilliance and therefore its beauty are: Cut, Clarity, Color (or lack of), and Polish. To maximize its beauty a diamond needs to be cut to exacting proportions. The quality if its cut and polish are called its 'Make'. Its make is the most important element determining its value. A clear and colorless white diamond crystal will not 'show' well if it has a poor make. A common misconception is that a diamond's brilliance is affected by the way that it is set. The way that a diamond is set can cause it to appear smaller or larger but it does not affect its make. A diamond's brilliance is determined by the proportioning of its cut so that light enters and exits the diamond in a way that maximizes its brilliance.

All things being equal, larger gemstones and diamonds cost more per carat than smaller ones. This is because larger gemstone quality crystals are rarer. Taking a step back we will explain what a carat is. A gemstone carat is not to be confused with a precious metal karat. Even though they are pronounced the same they have two entirely different meanings. A gemstone and diamond carat is a weight measurement. A carat weight is comprised of points. There are 100 points in one carat. A 1/4 carat diamond is equivalent to 25 points. 5 gemstone or diamond carats weigh the equivalent of 1 gram. Conversely, 1 carat is the same as 1/5 of a gram.

Gemstone and diamond faceting takes place in cutting centers. In particular, with colored gemstones, the faceting often takes place on site near the mines. Some faceting is still done free hand but for the most part faceting machines are employed. The faceting calibrations are set on a faceting machine. Gemstones without facets are called cabochons. A cabochon cut usually contains a flat bottom with a domed top. This style of cutting is used for opaque and translucent gemstones. This is a much simpler method of cutting and can be done successfully by virtually anyone. Because the equipment needed is less expensive and more readily available and the training is less intensive cabochon gemstone cutting can be a rewarding pastime taken up by hobbyists.

Beautiful gemstones are located throughout the world. The location depends on the gemstone. Australia is known for its stunning opals. South Africa is noted for its high quality diamonds. But opals have been found in Oregon, USA and diamond has been located in Arkansas, USA. We only purchase our diamonds and gemstones from ethical suppliers and sources. From whom or where depends on the type of gemstone or diamond being purchased. In the course of over 25 years of working in the fine jewelry industry we have developed a network of diamond and gemstone sources through trust and mutual respect. In most cases, the diamond or gemstone goes from mine locality to gemstone dealer to us which enables us to identify the gemstone's origin.

Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Silver
Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Silver
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