California Jewelry Designer of Fine Handmade Lost Wax Cast Gold
Gold Jewelry Designer serving San Jose, Cupertino, Sunnyvale,Morgan Hill, San Francisco ,Palo Alto ,Mt View and more Gold Jewelry Designer in the Silicon Valley area of Santa Cruz, California Custom Designer of Gold Jewelry - Studio Located in Ben Lomond Near Boulder Creek, Felton,Scotts Valley and Santa Cruz California
Designer of Custom Handmade Lost Wax Cast Jewelry in Gold Featuring Wedding Rings,Wedding Sets,Wedding Bands with Diamond and Sapphire Gold Jewelry Designer in Califoria - Custom Earrings,Rings,Pendants,Wedding Bands;Men's & Women's Custom Gold Jewelry Designs in the Northern California Monterey Bay Region of Santa Cruz County Signature Designer of Custom Gold Jewelry in Santa Cruz County Serving Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos,Soquel, San Lorenzo Valley, Scotts Valley and beyond California Custom Gold Jewelry Carved Sculpture Designer - Artistic Rings,Wedding Bands, Earrings, Pendants with Gemstone and Diamond Custom Gold Jewelry Designer in the Silicon Valley Region Serving San Jose, Sunnyvale, Cupertino,Morgan Hill,San Francisco and more. Signature Gold Custom Jewelry Designer in California USA
Custom Gold Jewelry Designer in the Northern California Region of the Monterey Bay
Original Lost Wax Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum Jewelry Design Lost Wax Casting Process - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum Lost Wax Casting Jewelry Design Process - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum Lost Wax Jewelry Design Artist - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum
Lost Wax Casting Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum


[About Our Gold Jewelry]

Our Gold Jewelry Karat
ur handmade fine jewelry art designs that are lost wax cast in gold are cast in either 14k or 18k gold; in Europe, these karat markings are referred to as 585 and 750 respectively. The term karat is abbreviated with the letter 'k'. A karat is a measurement of the gold's purity. Pure gold is referred to as 24k. Pure gold is dense, but too malleable for casual everyday wear and 24k is easily misshapen. The pure gold is 'hardened up' by adding harder non-precious metals. These non-precious metals are called alloys. When the gold jewelry art piece is comprised of 25% alloy and 75% pure gold, it is stated as a portion of 1000 parts; therefore, the 75% gold is stated as 750 parts out of 1000 or 18k which is also 75% of 24k (18 parts out of 24 parts). Likewise, 14k is 585 parts out of 1000 or 14 parts out of 24 parts of pure gold.

Our Gold Jewelry Color
Pure gold is deep yellow in color, always. Pure gold is 'hued' to give off other color casts by the make-up of the added metal alloy mix. We cast our fine jewelry art in either 18k or 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold. Other gold colors or gold karatage may be cast as a custom order. (A popular custom gold color choice is rose gold. Rose gold is hued with copper alloy.) We choose our yellow alloy mix for the rich deep yellow tones it provides. We choose our white alloy mix for its cool and bright white cast. Some metals that are commonly used as gold alloys are: copper, zinc, silver and nickel, Palladium is substituted for nickel for those with nickel sensitivities. Our white gold alloy mix contains a minute percentage of nickel. For those who desire the palladium substitution, it will be treated as a custom order.

Our Gold Jewelry Ethics
We believe in compassion towards all of earth's living creatures. We only purchase our gold from ethical sources. We purchase from well respected gold suppliers with a conscience and a long track record. Gold has been used as currency since at least the times of the Roman Empire who minted gold coins. Hitler hoarded gold ill begot from Jews and others. Presently, in a number of areas throughout the world gold is used as a monetary safe haven as a hedge against unstable currencies. Old gold jewelry, coins, electronics' parts etc are refined into 'new' gold. Gold is so intermingled into the history of mankind that to state that we know where every single molecule of our gold fine jewelry art originated from and its history would be erroneous. And to state that 'conflict' gold is a new phenomenon would also be erroneous. Gold has funded the Roman armies, the Conquistadors, Hitler and much, much more. Slave labor has been utilized to mine 'old' gold. In short, we attempt, to the best of our ability to utilize conscionable gold in the lost wax cast manufacturing of our gold fine jewelry art.

Rendering of a lost wax jewelry design casting concept
Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Platinum
Jewelry Design - Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Silver
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Jewelry Design  Sleek Simple Elegant Gold And Silver
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