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[Alternate Ring Size]

The custom order jewelry / special order jewelry form (under contact - order on the navigation bar) is available to special order wedding rings, wedding bands, wedding ring sets, diamond or gemstone rings in a different size than the piece shown on the jewelry product pages. If your requested ring size falls within the size price category shown there will be no additional fee. This is considered a special order. Our rings are are priced into three U.S. ring size categories; a) 5 - 8 3/4 b) 9 - 12 3/4
c) 13 - 16
Please allow 2 weeks for your special order ring sizing. Special order ring sizes are returnable minus a $ 35.00 service fee.

[Out of Stock Jewelry Items]

The jewelry designs on our online jewelry studio showroom have been selected for the ease of re-creating a very similar jewelry piece at the same or similar price as the fine jewelry art piece displayed. In most instances the cost will be the same as the listed price. [When the jewelry piece entails a gemstone larger than 3.5 mm and/or 1/3ct the final price is dependant on the gemstone availibility at that time. Larger diamonds of 1/2 carat or more also depend on current availibility for a final cost determination.] A colored gemstone can have the same length and width dimensions as another gemstone but not be the same carat weight due to depth differences. Therefore, the gemstone you receive may not be the exact carat weight as the actual fine jewelry art piece shown.The gemstone carat weight is just as likely to be slightly more as it is to be slightly less. When millimeter (mm) dimensions are provided without a carat weight it indicates a gemstone that is purchased based only on its dimensions and its carat weight is of little consequence in regards to the gemstones value.

[Custom Order Jewelry:1-5]

After placing a request for a custom jewelry order review we will e-mail you a summary of your request and any additional questions concerning your request. You should expect your custom jewelry order inquiry summary in 1-5 days. You will be asked to verify that the custom order summary is correct by return e-mail; also, your response to any questions. A minimum deposit of 50% will be requested on your order receipt to proceed on your custom jewelry order unless you are ordering on layaway at which time a 20% deposit is requested to start your custom layaway order. It is considered a layaway order if you do not wish to receive your order prior to 4 months. Depending on the complexity and specifications of your custom jewelry order the 50% down may be an approximation of your custom jewelry order cost based on current information. If there is an increase in cost beyond the initial approximation it is rarely more than 10 %. The vast majority of custom jewelry orders require no cost adjustments.
There will be a three business day wait period after receiving your deposit before your custom jewelry order is commenced. This three day wait period upholds your right to cancel your custom jewelry order for any reason and receive a full refund on your 50% deposit or 20% layaway payment.. After the three business day wait period your 50% deposit or 20% layaway payment is non-refundable. [ If you paid more than 50% then you may receive a refund on the additional amount during the 3 day wait period.]

[1.Pecious Metal, Gemstone or Diamond Variation]

If your custom jewelry order merely represents a metal variation on a fine jewelry art design shown your order will be processed and completed as specified. If your custom jewelry order represents a request for a different gemstone than what is shown you reserve the right to personally review the gemstone before it is mounted. If you wish to partake in this service it requires the cost of the gemstone to be covered prior to shipping, and shipping and insurance costs to send the gemstone will be added to your custom jewelry order balance. You are responsible for return shipping and insurance. If you decline the gemstone it must be returned within 10 days so that it may be credited. The cost of the gemstone will be applied to another selection. If you would like to review your unmounted gemstone via a digital photo this service is complimentary on gemstone orders greater than 1/2 carat in weight and/or 4mm. For smaller gemstones this service is $15.00.

[2.Jewelry Design Variation]

If your order represents a custom jewelry design variation, a photo of the custom wax mold of the variation before it is lost wax cast in your precious metal selection will be sent to you via e-mail unless your request postal mail. When you respond with your approval the custom jewelry wax will continue to the lost wax casting and finishing processes. The casting and finishing phases generally take two to four weeks. For stone setting allow an additional two to four weeks. If you would like changes to the wax the labor to create the changes will proceed at no additional cost as long as they are within the framework of the original summary. If the changes result in a substantially heavier finished jewelry piece the additional metal and finishing costs will be added to your order balance. If the changes reflect a significant custom design variation shift the additional labor will be added to your order.

[3.Jewelry Remount]

When ordering a jewelry remount for a diamond or gemstone that you possess it is preferred to have the diamond or gemstone in our possession so that the custom jewelry design can be created accurately and the gemstone or diamond set in the finished jewelry piece prior to being sent to you. Let us know the value that you would like to have placed on your diamond or gemstone so that it may be properly insured. If you don¹t know the value we will place a value based on our years of experience and expertise. You have the option of ordering a jewelry remount without your gemstone and having your gemstone or diamond mounted locally. If you choose this option you are responsible for providing accurate gemstone or diamond millimeter specifications.

[4.Your Custom Jewelry Design]

For a custom jewelry order based on your unique design concept or request you will receive two or three sketches to comment and/or select from. This jewelry design phase typically takes two to four weeks. The sketches are based on themes and concepts previously discussed. If you do not make a selection from the three design sketches or less, additional sketches will be created at a cost of $20.00 -$ $40.00 each. Once you choose a selection the jewelry wax model will be created. This wax model is being created just for you and is a one of a kind original. Due to its nature the wax model typically takes three to six weeks to create. It is recommended that you request a permanent silicon mold be made of your custom jewelry design after it is cast in metal so that in the event something should happen to it that is beyond repair a copy can be made without recurring additional design fees. The cost of this service is nominal compared to the heartbreak of not being able to replace your specific design. Depending on the design it may not be possible or feasible to make a silicon mold. A silicon mold will be included in the cost of your order if your custom order encompasses multiple copies of a particular custom design. Allow one week for the silicon mold process if this is included in your order. From this point the procedure is the same as the custom variation process. In summary, the process will take seven to nineteen weeks depending on your specific custom jewelry order.

[5.Gemstone or Diamond Order]

After placing a gemstone order we will notify our particular source or sources for your particular request. Upon reviewing, every gemstone is carefully assessed in it's over all ability to o-o-oh and a-a-ah. Factors such as color, brilliance, clarity, cut, polish and fair market price are always considered. If the colored gemstone does not meet our exacting standards in any one of these criterions it will not be accepted. Our diamonds under .25ct are VS in clarity and G-I in color and premium cut for substantial beauty. Larger diamonds with a lesser color and clarity can still appear quite beautiful. Care is taken to assure that the clarity inclusions do not impair the diamond¹s durability or beauty and that the color appears white unless a colored diamond is ordered. We only purchase gemstones and diamonds created in nature. You have the option to review your gemstone or diamond order prior to setting provided that the gemstone cost has been paid. The cost of shipping and insurance will be added to your balance.

[Custom Jewelry Order Wait Time and Sequence]

Jewelry Sketches -- 2 - 4 weeks
Gemstone or Diamond Order -- 2 - 3 weeks
Pre-designed Jewelry Wax Work -- 1 week or
Custom Jewelry Wax Work -- 3 - 6 weeks
Jewelry Casting and Finishing -- 2 - 4 weeks
Permanent Silicon Mold -- 1 week
Gemstone Setting -- 2 - 4 weeks

[Jewelry Rush Order]

The above wait time sequence is provided as a guideline. Jewelry sketches and gemstone or diamond selection may take place simultaneously. If you need your custom jewelry design sooner then the time frames listed please state that in your e-mail. We will do our best to accommodate your needs. Depending on your specific situation there may be an additional service charge.

[Jewelry Payment Options]

We gladly accept PAY PAL. This is the preferred option and offers you the greatest degree of consumer protection. You do not need to have a PAY PAL account to utilize this option. PAY PAL accepts bank account and credit card payments. For more information go to: Send your U.S. CHECK or MONEY ORDER to: EVB Design P.O. Box 122 Ben Lomond, CA 95005 (Write your check or money order to EVB Design.) A 3 business day hold will be placed on your order proceedings when a payment has been made via personal check. To pay by credit card (without going through Pay Pal) call or fax your credit card information to: (831) 336-8835 or mail your credit card information to the above listed P.O. Box. You may also use our e-mail form or custom order form; they are SSL certified for your protection. We accept VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER or AMERICAN EXPRESS. Include the name on the credit card, street # and zip or postal code that the statement is sent to, the amount you are paying, type of credit card, expiration month and year, and 3- digit identification number listed on the back or 4 digit # on the front of the card. Most importantly, include a copy of your purchase order so that your payment is properly credited.

If you prefer to make payments over time, we offer a one year layaway option. A minumum 20% deposit is required to start layaway proceedings. Upon receipt of the initial deposit payments can be made across the one year time span based on a payment schedule set by you. If extenuating circumstances do not allow payment in full within the one year layaway time frame please contact us prior to the end of your layaway agreement to make other arrangements. In the event that we don't hear from you beyond a 6 month period at any time during the layaway process and we have made several attempts to contact you without receiving a return response, your layaway agreement will be considered null and void.

[Shipping Your Jewelry]

Your jewelry purchase is shipped and fully insured via the U. S. POSTAL service. There is NO CHARGE FOR ORDERS SHIPPED WITHIN THE U.S.A. California residents pay 8% sales tax. Shipping costs on orders shipped outside the U.S.A. are determined on a case by case basis. For shipping outside of the U.S.A. it is advisable to ask about shipping costs prior to making your purchase. Orders over $ 200.00 U.S. dollars may require a signature upon receipt. Your order may be shipped to your work address. 'BUY IT NOW ' items generally ship within 3 business days unless they require sizing. You have the option of having your order shipped using your UPS or FED EX account.

[Jewelry Guarantee]

We take great pride in our workmanship and quality of our materials. Our fine jewelry pieces are designed to hold up very well under normal wearing conditions. Each jewelry piece is carefully inspected prior to shipping. We want to ensure you the greatest level of satisfaction in your purchase of an EVB Design fine jewelry art piece. We will inspect, clean and polish your fine art jewelry piece free of charge for as long as you own your piece. You only pay shipping.

[Jewelry Return Policy]

Your satisfaction is very important to us. You will be credited a full refund on featured BUY IT NOW purchases and a special order alternate ring size of such [minus the $ 35.00 sizing service fee] returned unharmed within 14 business days from the date that the jewelry item was shipped to you. Notify us to receive a merchandise return number. So that we may better serve you in the future, include the reason for your return. You are responsible for return shipping and insurance on any returns. Allow up to 14 days to receive your refund. Your refund will either be credited back to your account or returned by check.
Due to the nature of a custom jewelry order and/or a one-of-a-kind fine jewelry art piece made expressively for you, it is non-refundable.
This policy pertains to all categories listed under custom order jewelry, items 1 through 5. We communicate extensively with you and provide updates throughout the custom order jewelry process to keep you fully involved in the custom design process.

[Damaged/Lost Jewelry]

Your purchase is carefully packed to protect it from impact. In our many years of shipping fine jewelry we have not experienced a damaged or lost package. Regardless, things happen, and if your jewelry piece is damaged in shipping, return the item(s) and original packaging and we will correct the damage or replace the jewelry item(s). You will be notified upon our assessment. If a package is determined to be lost, it is insured for its full replacement value and will be compensated accordingly either through a monetary settlement or a replacement fine jewelry art piece.


EVB Design fine jewelry art ~ P.O. Box 122. Ben Lomond CA 95005 USA. ~ Ph. 831.336.8835

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